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Many people wouldn’t expect great facilities and amenities in affordable housing developments. But the Istana Tanza goes far beyond that expectation. You can see that it is a well-designed community that offers quality and respectable housing and family-friendly facilities and amenities.

Before entering its gates, you’ll be greeted with a beautifully landscaped garden which will give you a beautiful first impression of the Istana Tanza. And for you to enter this community, you need to pass through the secure entrance gate with a guardhouse. The security team is available 24/7 to ensure the safety of the residents. Aside from that, this 10-hectare community is also surrounded by a high perimeter fence to prevent the outsiders from coming in. The fence also provides privacy to residents. If you are concerned about privacy and security, you can have peace of mind inside the Istana Tanza.

As this housing development is designed to be family-friendly, you can ensure that this area is also flood-free. This feature provides an added security for you and your family especially during the rainy season. In many villages in Cavite and nearby towns, many communities experience flooding even for just a few hours of rain. But at the Istana Tanza, aside from being naturally a flood-free place, the developer has also installed a reliable underground drainage system as a safety measure.

Moreover, the roads at the Istana Tanza are wide, well-lit and concrete, so they are easy to navigate even during evenings. There are also pathways beside the road which is great for your morning brisk-walk or jog.

When it comes to basic needs, the residents at the Istana Tanza can expect reliable electricity and water supply. Cable and internet connection are also readily available in this area.

As for added amenities, the Istana Tanza has a beautiful multi-purpose clubhouse which is designed for meetings and community events. There is also a basketball court near the clubhouse and all the residents are welcome to play here. The basketball court is not just for playing basketball but you may also use it for other activities such as weekend Zumba.

In addition, the housing blocks at the Istana Tanza are strategically located so that all homes are easily accessible from two directions. This means that coming from the gate, you will reach your home regardless if you choose to pass the west or east road.

The Istana Tanza may not have swimming pools and other luxurious amenities available at high-end villages, but you’ll definitely find great joy living in this place. It is an ideal community for raising your family because of the quality of life it offers. Overall, it offers you the following facilities and amenities:

Well-built homes
Secure perimeter fence and entrance gate
Basketball court
Centralized water system
Wide and concrete roads
Underground drainage system
24/7 security

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